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Dezeen x Samsung “Out of the Box” International Competition, 2020
2nd Prize Award

The Rider is a playful rocking horse that reuses and reinterprets Samsung’s “The Serif” cardboard packaging and promotes the interaction between kids and parents. 
The main idea comes from the central graphic element in the package: a TV icon that resembles a horse saddle. It becomes so the starting point to design a simple and archetypal horse silhouette, carefully placed around the “saddle”. The combination of these elements allows for easy recognition and instant empathy.
The design was envisioned for kids between 3 to 5 years old and dimensioned to make the most of the available cardboard, reducing waste. At the same time, all the visible parts are clear from other distracting graphical elements, ensuring an overall neutral and pleasant aesthetics. The package cardboard capabilities such as thickness, stiffness and flexibility were thoughtfully studied to ensure a stable and sturdy object, even with a dry assembling. The fastening elements were carefully planned to add surprising and attractive details: a head with muzzle and crest, four legs and a tail. The final result is an entertaining home object that also serves a decorative purpose due to its strong identity.

Official video by Dezeen: Youtube

Photography credits
Original article: Dezeen
Photographer: Benjamin Swanson